5 Reasons Why Malta Is an Amazing Place to Visit

Aerial view of Valetta in Malta

The fact I ended spending two weeks in Malta for my honeymoon is a little bit random. It started with me scrolling around on Google Maps (as one does) fantasizing about where my next trip would be. I happened to spot Malta on the map and that led me down a rabbit of Googling, which eventually landed me in Malta. 

We had such a great trip and I'm really happy I went. No one had ever suggested it to me but it turns out Malta is an amazing place to travel. I definitely recommend others go. Here are my top reasons why. 

1. It's Relatively Inexpensive 

Ok, it's not the cheapest place you can travel to, but when you compare it to the rest of Europe and the Mediterranean, it's quite affordable!

We had been considering going back to Tel Aviv around the same time and the difference in hotel accommodations was astounding. We were able to get a large, newly renovated, beautiful sea view room with a balcony in Malta for half the cost of a small, "garden view" room on the beach in Tel Aviv. Yes, I know Israel is technically in Asia, but they're both sunny destinations in the Mediterranean. 

2. Everyone Speaks English

If you speak English, you won't have a problem in Malta since everyone there speaks English too. I think everyone should endeavor to explore new places and get out of their comfort zone, which includes travelling to places where you don't speak the language. Still, it's nice to have an "easy" trip once in a while and being able to communicate with locals really helps. 

3. It's Easy to Get Around

It's both easy and affordable to get around Malta. The island isn't that big but you can explore a large portion of it on a two-week trip.

First, you can call a cab to anywhere on the island, no matter how remote. Nothing is really that far away.

Secondly, there are shuttles that operate between hotels and major tourist attractions. They typically run several times a day and are very affordable, typically between 5-10 euros per person. You can always get a spot the same day but if you book a day ahead you shouldn't have any problems.

Public transit is always very good in Malta. Although we never took it ourselves, I have read that it's comfortable and reliable and seems like a great option for the budget-conscious or those looking to travel more sustainably. 

Lastly, if you're moving around in a smaller area, walking or biking are both great options. We did several hikes along different parts of the coast to explore the island and check out the attractions along the way. If you're interested in doing something similar, I recommend the Malta Coastal Walk guidebook which does a great job of annotating interesting discoveries along the way. 

4. It's Damn Beautiful

If you've seen the photos, you know that Malta is beautiful. There isn't a lot of green but the beige that covers most of the island looks great against the blue waters of the Mediterranean. It's the only place I've visited where the water really is as blue as the travel photos. No photoshop needed!

5. It Has a Fascinating History

As we spent time in Malta we learned that it has an incredible history. Due to its location in the middle of the Mediterranean, it has inevitably played a major role in a lot of major historical moments and conflicts. The island is covered with remnants of military defence systems from many eras because they have been attacked so often. Instead of tearing these old structures down, they tend to leave them in place, sometimes repurposing them for new uses. 


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