36 Completely Vegan Restaurants in Toronto

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Lately, it feels like new vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants have been opening faster than ever in Toronto. It's truly a great time to be vegan and Toronto is a great place to live as a vegan. While I appreciate—and frequently dine at—the myriad of restaurants that offer vegan-friendly options, this list is to round up and keep track of all the restauarants that are comepletely vegan in Toronto.

1. Apiecalypse Now!

Apiecalypse Now! is Toronto's only all vegan pizza joint. The menu also includes poutine, a rotating sandwich special, salads, baked goods, and much more. There are only a couple seats inside so most people order takeout or delivery. 

2. Awai

Awai is possibly Toronto's nicest vegan restaurant. There is no menu and there are no prices. Instead, your server will keep bringing out courses until you're not hungry anymore. At the end of your meal, you're encouraged to pay what you think the meal is worth, though $12-$20/course is suggested. 

3. Away Kitchen

Away Kitchen was created by the same lovely folks behind Awai. It's more casual but just as delicious. There are two locations, one on College and one on Queen, and the menus feature pizza, soups, salads, and perhaps most notably, fondue!

4. Bloomers

Bloomer's is best known as a vegan cafe. They have a selection of amazing baked goods made in-house, including the bagels and the bread used on their food menu. The selection is comprised of typical cafe food—sandwhichs, salads, and bowls—but there are few other surprises as well.

5. Cinnaholic

Cinnaholic is a completely vegan cinnamon roll chain. Need I say more? It's like Cinnabon but much better because it's vegan, and you can completely customize your cinnamon roll with dozens of frosting flavors and topping options. 

6. Copenhagen Cafe

Copenhagen Cafe is a newer vegan cafe in Toronto's west end. There is a small seating area and the menu mostly consists of baked goods like cupcakes and butter tarts. 

7. Copper Branch

Copper Branch is almost like a healthy, vegan version of fast food. You order from a quick service counter and the food is ready in a matter of minutes. It's great for takeout, especially on weekday mornings when finding a filling vegan breakfast option can be tough.  

8. Cosmic Treats

Cosmic Treats is a beloved, eclectic restaurant in the Toronto vegan scene. Their menu includes savory dishes like Dorito-encrusted tofu, lasagna, and chicken pot pie, while their dessert options are overflowing with baked goods, candy, and ice cream. 

9. Fat Choi

Fat Choi is a completely vegan Malay-Nyonya restaurant currently being incubated inside another restaurant called Soos. On Mondays and Tuesdays when Soos is closed, Fat Choi takes over with a completely vegan menu. Everything is very good so I recommend ordering the Feed Me option which will bring you a selection of menu favorites to try.

10. Grasshopper Restaurant 

Grasshopper has two locations with small, but unique and flavorful menus. There are many familiar dishes with interesting twists such as sesame fries, or quinoa mac and cheese. The Junction location also offers a small brunch menu which includes unchicken and waffles.  

11. Green Earth

Green Earth is a lovely vegan restaurant on the Danforth (previously on Broadview). Although much of their menu has a focuses on Asian classics like spring rolls and pad thai, they also have many western dishes like fettucini alfredo and poutine. Personally, I always get the crispy chow mein. 

12. Greens Vegetarian

Located in Toronto's Chinatown neighborhood, Greens Vegetarian serves a large menu of Chinese and other Asian dishes. Portions are large and inexpensive, and the menu is comprehensive. I've accepted that I'll probably never get to try everything on the menu but everything I have tried has been good.

13. Hogtown Vegan

Hogtown Vegan provides Toronto's version of vegan southern comfort food. Their menu features classics like chicken and waffles, mac and cheese, and Caesar salad. They usually have a decent beer list and you can even get a vegan bloody mary with brunch. Hogtown Vegan has two locations. 

14. Ital Vital

Ital Vital is possibly the only all-vegan restaurant in Scarborough. The menu is based on Caribbean dishes like rice and peas, pumpkin stew, and bbq soy, and also includes fresh juice and dessert. They offer casual counter service so stop in for a quick bite or takeout. 

15. Kupfert and Kim

Kupert and Kim's motto is meatless is wheatless. All of the menu items are both vegan and gluten-free. The menu is fairly healthy and mostly comprised of bowls and baked goods. The portions and prices are both very reasonable. Most locations have seating but the atmosphere is quite casual there's no table service. Perfect for a quick lunch or takeout. Kupfert and Kim has six locations around Toronto (as well as one location in Montreal).

16. Hello 123

Hello 123 was created by the same people who started Kupfert and Kim. It's similar but more upscale, with table service and some non-gluten-free options included on the menu. There are some familiar dishes as well as new menu items better suited to a sit-down experience.

17. La Limonada

This small roti joint, best known for doubles, recently switched their menu to be completely vegan. Great for a quick bite or takeout and be sure to add a glass of refreshing limonada to your order!

18. Live Organic Food Bar

The menu at Live includes a combination of raw and cooked food. Most of their menu is comprised of salads, bowls, and wraps. The restaurant is quite casual with counter service, and many of their prepared dishes can be found in grocery and health food stores around the city.

19. Mama's Tofu

Mama's Tofu is a casual takeout business specializing in Korean food. It's known for being delicious and affordable, featuring noodles, spring rolls, tofu, vegetables, and mock meats. It's cash only so make sure to go prepared. 

20. Mythology

Mythology is Toronto's version of a classic diner featuring vegan comfort food. The menu was created by local celebrity chef Doug McNish. It features cozy dishes like steak and potatoes, cheesy garlic bread, fish and chips, and fettucini alfredo. 

21. Nanashake

Nanashake is a completely vegan frozen dessert spot in Toronto. Like many other frozen dessert spots, they specialize is letting you customize your order. Everything on the menu, including the base and toppings, is 100% plant-based. 

22. One Love Vegetarian

One Love is a small counter-service restaurant specializing in healthy, Caribbean Creole cuisine. In particular, they are especially renowned for their corn soup. They are cash only so make sure you go prepared. 

23. Parka Food Co.

Parka Food Co. is a great option for fast and inexpensive comfort food in Queen West. Their menu is small but delicious, featuring sandwiches, pasta, and apps. I especially love their truffle mac and cheese and tomato soup.

24. Planta

Planta is definitely one of my favorite vegan restaurants in Toronto. It's not fancy but the food excellent. The interior has a bit of an LA vibe with lots of white paint, green plants, and rose gold accents. The menu has the typical breadth of an American fusion restaurant and in my experience, it goes over very well with omnivores. 

25. Planta Burger

Planta Burger is a more casual offshoot of Planta. It's a small counter-service establishment offering serval types of burgers and greasy sides like fries and onion rings. It's perfect for a quick, inexpensive bite if you're in the area.  

26. Rawlicious

Rawlicious is Toronto's only restaurant with a completely raw vegan menu. Although nothing on the menu is cooked, it's not all salads. Common techniques for making raw food like dehydration and fermentation are used to create raw versions of burgers, nachos, pasta, and much more.

27. Rosalinda

This newly opened restaurant specializes in vegan Mexican cuisine. It's beautifully decorated with lots of green plants. The food is excellent and so are the cocktails. This is definitely one to bring your omnivore friends too. 

28. Sorelle and Co.

Sorelle and Co. is primarily a bakery but their Vaughan and Yorkville locations serve a sit-down menu as well. They specialize in allergy-friendly cuisine, meaning everything is gluten-free, soy-free, sesame-free, and nut-free in addition to being vegan. They have four locations in the Greater Toronto Area.

29. Stella

This high-end Italian restaurant is only here until January 31, 2018 so get in while you can. Stella's small but entirely vegan menu is getting rave reviews.

30. Urban Herbivore

Urban Herbivore is great for cafe-style food: soup, salads, sandwiches, and cupcakes. You also have the option of customizing just about everything on the menu to your liking. They have two counter-service locations but the one inside the Eaton's Centre food court is a real lifesaver when shopping.

31. Vegandale Brewery (AKA Doomie's)

Doomie's, which is now a part of Vegandale Brewery is best known for their vegan version of a Big Mac, called the Mac Daddy. I have it on good authority from omnivores that it's almost identical to the real thing (though much more expensive). The menu also includes a range of other burgers, sandwiches, and appetizers, all wonderfully greasy and filling.

32. Vegetarian Haven

This cozy Grange Park restaurant is a bit of a hidden gem in Toronto. Their dishes are mostly Asian with ample vegan proteins on the menu such as seitan, tempeh, and tofu. In particular, their mock chicken wings are very realistic. They even have a sugar cane bone.

33. The Veggie Thali

The Veggie Thali is Toronto's only completely vegan Indian restaurant. Their menu features many Indian classics, but sadly vegan naan is not on the list. For maximum variety, choose the thali which comes with rice, salad, two rotis, and three curries.

34. The VegItaliano

If you've been looking for hearty, homestyle vegan Italian food, you must check out The VegItaliano. This casual eatery has all the favorites including pizza, Italian sandwiches, arancini, calamari, and tiramisu! It's a bit of trek if you're downtown, but worth it. 

35. V's Carribean Vegetarian Restaurant

Located near Toronto's Little Jamaica, V's Carribean Vegetarian provides healthy and flavourful vegan Jamaican food. This small counter service spot has lots to choose from including plantains, calloo, okra, curries, and much more. 

36. Virtuous Pie

Originally from Vancouver, Virtuous Pie is now Toronto's second completely vegan pizza spot. Expect gourmet pies with unique ingredients alongside the classics. They also have a small selection Italian sides available and are licensed to service alcohol. It's worth going in for a sit-down meal. 

Notice something missing? Please let me know and I'll happily add it to this list!

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